Zawsze Tam Gdzie ty

Zawsze tam gdzie ty (I’ll Go Wherever You May Be) is the second side of the double album, Split Personality.

Do you remember “Kasia”? Or maybe “Dni których nie znamy”? Perhaps “Zawsze tam gdzie ty”, or a host of other songs which are firmly embedded in the corners of our collective memory? If you desire nostalgia and memories to take you back to your youth and if you’d like romantic intoxication to be an everyday occurrence again…or maybe if you’d just like to hear some jazz played by the best of the best…

Join us – we play and sing just for you, to you and about you, no matter who you are, how old you are or what you’ve experienced in life or art. The biggest hits of the last three decades arranged by Kamil Abt and played by his band in the newest swing styles will show you what beauty, playfulness and intelligence sound like. So dance and laugh with us, and don’t be embarrassed when you eyes fill with tears of emotion and joy…


Nie płacz Ewka

by The Swingers | Zawsze tam gdzie ty

Zawsze tam gdzie ty

by The Swingers | Zawsze tam gdzie ty

Norwegian Wood

by The Swingers | Zawsze tam gdzie ty


by The Swingers | Zawsze tam gdzie ty

Papierowy księżyc

by The Swingers | Zawsze tam gdzie ty

the BAND

Kamil Abt


Joanna Sufleta


Andrzej Michalak

Double bass

Przemysław Michalak


badmarketingsync. records 2022

recorded in wrocław


Stefan Podemski



+48 790 556 864

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