Split Personality

Split Personality is unique, but not just because it is a double album. The first side, entitled Theatre and performed in trio format (guitar, electric bass, drums), is made up of of original compositions inspired by love; it’s beauty, diversity, experience, uncertainty, repercussions, fantasy and illusions. The pieces on the album were written over a vast period of time and space; in reference to the composer’s experiences in various parts of the world, including Africa, Asia, Australia and Europe.

The second side of the album is entitled Zawsze tam gdzie ty, which can be loosely translated as, I’ll go wherever you may be. Besides guitar, double bass and drums, it also features female vocals. It is an interesting album in terms of both history and culture, as it connects the most beautiful Polish hits of the last fifty years with various styles of American swing. What is more, through the key elements of jazz – improvisation, intuition and interaction – the album strongly reverberates with what is happening now, in the present.

badmarketingsync. records 2022

recorded in wrocław


Stefan Podemski



+48 790 556 864

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