Kamil Abt



Kamil Abt

Katarzyna Mirowska Piotr Szwec

Andrzej Michalak Przemek Michalak

What else do people lost in their everyday routines and worries need besides love? What else do artists and those in love need, aside from acceptance?


Yeah! Get down man, this is gots to be the hottest damn dude on the planet when it comes to yo playin on the guitar. Woo hoo brother, u aint gonna ever hear no place else da groove my man can generate on those six strings. It’s dope, as is the sound of that gitah man. Dude its tits. Pure smooth silk and honey – the ladies be fainting one dey hear it. It’s orgazmatron 5000! And u nuff if yo think that this man cannot play the baddest and raddest lines on that beauty gitarra. HARMONY rydm and MELODICS baby.


Kamil’s discography is characterised by deep diversity and expression, but his unique individuality and style are present throughout.


Stefan Podemski



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